A World Without Food: The Soylent Solution

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Imagine living in a world where you never needed to eat another meal ever again. A world without fast food. A world without barbecue. A world without ice cream. A world without pizza. A world without pancakes! Most of us wouldn’t want to live in that world. After all, we eat most of those things because they taste good and we enjoy them. In fact, we crave them. However, we must admit that eating those foods isn’t always the best for our bodies.

What Our Bodies Need

Our bodies need certain things to function at an optimal level. Those things aren’t ice cream and pizza. No. Those things are essential vitamins, minerals and supplements that allow our bodily cells to operate at the highest level. This allows our bodies to become stronger and more resilient. So ultimately, even though we wouldn’t “want” to give up our favorite foods, if we did, our bodies would thank us for it.

The Cost Of Food

Another thing to consider is the high cost of “healthy” food. Ironically, healthy food is even more expensive than unhealthy food. In most cases, opting to buy organic is more expensive than opting for a Big Mac.

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Vintage Fashion on a Vintage Budget

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We all look back a little nostalgically sometimes at fashions in past eras.  The beautiful cloche hats from the 1920s, those wonderful full skirts of the 1950s and the outrageous shoulder pads from the 1980s.  How many of us dream of being able to wear this type of fashion without fear of ridicule from society?

Unfortunately, these days it seems to be fashion to have as much bare skin as possible. However, there is a small portion of society that prefers to dress the way we used to, to prove that really, less isn’t always more.

Vintage clothing can be expensive but there are ways to dress in the fashion you want without having to break the bank to do it.

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Rocking the Hippie Look by Nailing the Clothes and Hair

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Hippies, as a cultural phenomenon is an under-rated aspect of modern life. A lot of hippies during the 1960s and early 1970s have become icons for the younger generation. A whole demographics who were not yet born at the height of flower power don’t know that the things they wear, the music they listen to, and the way they communicate are a direct result of the hippie culture.

Among all the influences, hippie clothing has had a lasting impact on fashion. Fashion trends come and go, but in this ebb and flow of fashion, some hippie-influenced item come up, and then replaced by a totally different hippie-fashion item. Boots and wrap-around skirts, for instance, keep coming back into fashion at seemingly odd times. Loud flower prints on single tunic sheaths come into fashion on a regular basis. Even big name designers draw inspiration from the hippie culture. Here’s how you can really imbibe the hippie look.

Going for the Vintage Look

The whole re-use and recycle thing got a big push from the hippie revolution. To get into, try flea markets and bazaars to get your inspiration. Old clothes, including denim jeans, long-sleeved shirt with loose cuffs, Nehru jackets, and the ubiquitous mini-skirt in all shapes, colors and sizes go a long way in creating a personal statement. Choose either flowery prints, or geometric designs like zigzags and squares. Or you can go Andy Warhol, if you get lucky to find a t-shirt with a Campbell Soup can design. Alternatively, you can add your own accoutrements to your clothes. Beads, sequins, fringes are additional touches to old clothes.

Tie-dye tops and long, loose dresses will always be considered as part of hippie culture and so are vests and corduroy pants for the men. You can update these looks by adding floral or abstract prints and donning the right hairstyle. Get long and curly locks easily with the best curling iron. If for example, you are going to a party in the evening, start setting your hair in the morning and just use the best curling wand to style it later.

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Environment-Friendly Pergolas are Perfect for Your Home

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With lots of choices available when it comes to pergola theme and overall design, it becomes extremely difficult to choose which one to use for your home. If you cannot make up your mind until now, you might want to consider installing environment-friendly pergola. In fact, this has become more popular already due to its overall appeal and how it can be of no damage to the environment.

What Makes an Environment-friendly Pergola?

You might wonder what makes a pergola environment-friendly. To start with, this type of pergola makes use of textured wood that won’t crack or peel. This already assures you that it will last for a long time and it won’t have to be replaced every now and then. The wood used in the construction is not really wood, but aluminum. However, it is engineered to look like an actual wood. Moreover, it also does not need to be repainted. During summer, it stays cool and during winter, it becomes dry. Therefore, despite constant changes in weather, the overall look of the pergola remains the same. When you take out paint from the picture, then the pergola becomes even more environment-friendly.

Another reason why it is environment-friendly is that during summer, it keeps your home cooler. Thus, you won’t have to use your air conditioning unit just to stay fresh. This helps a lot in lessening the use of electricity. Aside from helping in the reduction of your energy cost, it also helps save energy in general. The best part is that there are some pergola installers that provide a lifetime warranty. Thus, they can assure you that the pergola’s look and overall function are meant to last long.

Overall Cost

The idea of an environment-friendly pergola might seem interesting. However, you might think that it is actually expensive. The truth is that using actual wood for pergola construction costs more. Furthermore, wood needs to be painted and repainted every now and then. Re-roofing would also be necessary. Thus, you have to spend even more for the overall maintenance of the structure. In short, this environment-friendly pergola is a better option.

You can check out more pergola ideas in this site.

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The Need for Junk Removal Services

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You might have encountered incidents where you forgot to clean up your junkyard and the mess has already piled up. Whether it is at home or in your business site, this could spell disaster. Take note that you need to adhere to certain environmental policies and laws. Violating these regulations will most likely put you at risk of being fined or even jailed. This is why you need to seek for help in maintaining your junkyard and see to it that it does not overflow with waste materials.

The good news is that you can easily hire junk removal services. There are a lot of companies that are willing to provide this service. All you have to do is to make sure that you partner with the right company. You also need to check if they can keep up with your needs especially if you are running a huge business, where junk materials can pile up day by day.

If you are already interested in hiring this type of service, here are some important things that you have to take into consideration:

• Make sure that you know what to throw away. You need to have a list of items that have to be removed. See to it that you will throw everything that has to go in one service. If you forget something and you hire the services again, you would have to pay double.

• Label the items that you consider junk. This is important since there could be some items that are not meant to be thrown away, but might end up in the junkyard due to improper labels.

• Remove all items that require special disposal. If this is included in the junk materials that have to be collected, you might have to pay more. Among these items are liquid waste, batteries, and tired. Hazardous materials, chemicals and poisons are also included in the list.

• Before asking for the junk removal truck to arrive, make sure that there are no other vehicles that could block the access to the truck. This will help in hastening the entire process.

• Make sure that you compare the prices from one junk removal company to another. Seek for quotations so you can easily spot the differences in terms of the price. Check if you can save more given certain discounts and promotions.

When you have partnered with the right company for the job, you are assured that your junkyard will be cleared regularly. This will not just help keep your place clean, but it will also make you a more responsible citizen. Take note that you have the obligation to maintain the cleanliness in your surroundings. If your business helps in creating more pollution, then you have to do something to reverse the negative effect it has caused. If you want to know which company to hire for junk removal services, go here. If you need to find out dumpsters for rent prices, then visit http://www.corkd.com/dumpster-rental.php .

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Tips to Plan a Vintage Style Bridal Shower

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The wedding season is back in full swing, and so are the related festivities that lead up to the main event and the big day. One of the most looked forward to event for the bride and her female family and friends, is the bridal shower. It is one way to show love, extend wishes and give advice to the girl who is stepping up to the altar. The honor of planning and celebrating this event often goes out to the bride's best friends and bridesmaids. Add that extra little touch of glamour, glitter and spark to the event by making it a vintage themed bridal shower through these tips that would utilize home accessories at its best or simply fair well in saving costs by doing an excellent interior deco. 

Use Printed Tissue Napkins for Invites
Search through the attic and chances would be that there might be a stack of vintage style tissue napkins that can be used as invites for the bridal shower. Even if your collectibles do not have this item, it is not too expensive to buy these from the local store. Just keep in mind, the color should be light with floral prints and delicate edges to give it the required feel and look of antique napkins. Napkin style invitations look elegant and classy, the text thoughtfully written with the couple in mind can either be printed at home or from a nearby vendor. 

Rent Out Exquisite Vintage China Cutlery
Vintage themed bridal shower calls out for delicate and statement making vintage china. Using fine cutlery adds on to the ambiance of the event and speaks volumes about the thoughtfulness and planning that the event organizers put into the event for the bride. Mix and match different colors, prints and sizes of cutlery when arranging it and see what beautiful results are produced. Rent out vintage china from these famous places, Heirloomforhire, Rustic Wedding Chic and Rent Vintage China. For adding the extra bit, use net cut work table mats that would enrich the overall vintage theme of the evening. 

Vintage Dresses, Pearls and Hats as Dress Code
Girls love to dress up and play around classic themes for parties, especially bridal shower parties. Give out the dress code to all the invitees, stick to the traditional vintage dresses, pearls and hats for pulling the act together really well. Ideas for dress up can be picked out from Pinterest. Choose one of the best designs for the bride based on the theme, check out silk dresses with puffed yet gorgeous sleeves that are bound to work out with the bride. 

Make Vintage Candles
There are many ways to make candles at home, however, one of the easiest one has been explained by Wikihow. By making candles in vintage cups and holders, the decoration of the event gets closer to the actual theme, that too without adding up on the cost. Choose different and complementing colors for the candle wax and try adding scents to it for a beautifully scented event. 

Add Lace Mats and Wall Hangings
Create your very own vintage style lace mats to be kept under vases and drink servings by taking out the old lace stock from your storage spots. These laces can be reinvented to make wall hangings in an aesthetically beautiful manner. Some examples can be seen at Craftsy blog.

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