A World Without Food: The Soylent Solution

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Imagine living in a world where you never needed to eat another meal ever again. A world without fast food. A world without barbecue. A world without ice cream. A world without pizza. A world without pancakes! Most of us wouldn’t want to live in that world. After all, we eat most of those things because they taste good and we enjoy them. In fact, we crave them. However, we must admit that eating those foods isn’t always the best for our bodies.

What Our Bodies Need

Our bodies need certain things to function at an optimal level. Those things aren’t ice cream and pizza. No. Those things are essential vitamins, minerals and supplements that allow our bodily cells to operate at the highest level. This allows our bodies to become stronger and more resilient. So ultimately, even though we wouldn’t “want” to give up our favorite foods, if we did, our bodies would thank us for it.

The Cost Of Food

Another thing to consider is the high cost of “healthy” food. Ironically, healthy food is even more expensive than unhealthy food. In most cases, opting to buy organic is more expensive than opting for a Big Mac.

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Vintage Fashion on a Vintage Budget

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We all look back a little nostalgically sometimes at fashions in past eras.  The beautiful cloche hats from the 1920s, those wonderful full skirts of the 1950s and the outrageous shoulder pads from the 1980s.  How many of us dream of being able to wear this type of fashion without fear of ridicule from society?

Unfortunately, these days it seems to be fashion to have as much bare skin as possible. However, there is a small portion of society that prefers to dress the way we used to, to prove that really, less isn’t always more.

Vintage clothing can be expensive but there are ways to dress in the fashion you want without having to break the bank to do it.

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Living and Eco Friendly Life: Small Changes that Make All the Difference

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I devoted myself to reducing my eco-footprint a long time ago, but I understand how hard it can be start. Like any other kind of change, it takes time to truly take hold, but these changes don’t mean you have to live off the land completely. I can suggest a few but very effective alternatives that can help your personal environs. So, if you’re interested in making a changes, then here are a few tips you’re welcome to use.

Buy in Bulk
Okay, here’s the thing about fruits and vegetables. If you only buy singular pieces, there’s a chance that the other produce might be thrown away. Don’t be too picky about what you buy from the grocery. They put fruit and veggies in bulk because they are of the same quality across the board. Plus, it’ll be lighter on your wallet too. The waste saved will also stop companies from using an office space for rent or any kind of big spaces to store them.

Canvass Bags
This is probably the most popular option you’ll see around the grocery. However, my beef with this alternative is that people often forget their bags at home. So if you have a set of your own, make sure to leave one at home, and one in your chosen method of transportation. That way, you won’t ever forget about it.

Eat Less Meat
I want to stress that this was my personal favorite change I made in my life. Though I can’t ask you to drop all meat from your diet, maybe you can cut a bit of meat when you can. Lots big industry titans cut down forests because they need more grazing land, and that’s generally a bad thing. On the plus side; when you do start your new diet, you’ll be feeling better and more energetic in a matter of weeks.

Lastly, I want to stress that these changes won’t make much difference if only one or two people take them up. So, if you can convince some of your friends to join you, then by all means do so because little changes taken together can add up to something big.

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Support Green Living by Making a Home Out of Storage Containers

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Our environment has been damaged because we have abused it for our own benefits. Even if it has already been used up, we still keep on abusing it. This is the reason why we experience harsh natural disasters such as flashfloods, tornado and the like. The environment which is supposed to protect us can no longer do its job since we have totally abused its goodness. Therefore, it is essential for you to make small steps so that in your own way, you can support environmental causes. If you want to spruce things up, you might even transform your own home and make it a perfect place for green living.

How to Create a “Green” Home?

To start this entire process, you can first buy a used storage container. This will serve as the base for your home. Using this container, you can easily eliminate all other tools and materials needed for constructing a house. You might frown at this idea at first. However, if you will see just how amazing the results can be, you won’t have second thoughts in going for it. Besides, these containers are very cheap. You will save a lot of money if you go for them.

Once the containers are in place, you can start decorating the interiors. Choose materials that are environment-friendly. Avoid decors made from plastic or non-biodegradable materials. You can also choose LED lights over regular lights as they consume more energy. You should also avoid products that have clearly violated environmental laws. For instance, don’t go for decors made out of real animal skin. You should also avoid wooden decors especially if they were created out of illegal logging.

How Recycling Used Containers Help Save the Environment

You need to understand why used containers are being recycled and used as a main material for creating a home. These containers were used for transporting goods and products via ships. Once they have minor damages, they are no longer useful. Thus, they are stuck in ports or are thrown somewhere. Since they are non-biodegradable, they become eyesores. They also contribute to pollution. Thus, by supporting homes out of storage containers, you help in gradually removing them out of ports and create something useful out of them.

It does not really take time to create a house out of storage containers. In fact, you can finish everything a lot easier compared with regular construction materials. You have also nothing to worry when it comes to durability. These containers have been checked well prior to distribution. Thus, the moment they reach you, they are already in perfect condition. You may also get a warranty depending on the company that sold you the item. You also have the option on whether you will go for a lease or you will buy the entire container.

If you need more ideas on the prices of storage containers for sale, visit here. On the other hand, for more information on Storage Containers USA, one of the best suppliers, visit http://www.storagecontainersusa.com .

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Petrol Vs Electricity – Which is greener?

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This particular debate has been running for some time now, with strong view points coming from both sides of the argument. But with increasing efficiency from all vehicle types, how can we tell which ones really have the smallest environmental impacts? As you probably already know, comparing fuel economy figures directly against each other doesn’t really tell the full story because of a whole number of complex variables, so today we’ll consider the three largest factors which contribute to vehicle carbon emissions…

1) The source of fuels
From a scientific viewpoint, electric motors are more efficient than internal combustion engines. But what’s the good in producing an electric car to run on energy generated by the burning of fossil fuels which then has to be transferred through power cables to charge the battery of your car? It’s a very valid point, but it’s important to note that electricity can also be generated in non-polluting ways, whereas an internal combustion engine will always produce some carbon as a waste product. This means that the polluting affects of actually running a car depends entirely on what goes in it. Electric cars have the potential to be greener, but at the moment an efficient petrol engine could actually be less polluting.

2) Carbon emissions from production
At the moment it is less environmentally friendly to produce an electric car than a conventional petrol car. This is largely due to the materials used, the sourcing of parts and manufacturing waste products. Hypothetically, if one of each type of vehicle was scrapped after just one year then electric cars would by far be the worst offenders, bringing us to our final point…

3) Vehicle lifespan and disposal
What the argument ultimately comes down to is how environmentally friendly a car is to run, how long the vehicle is run for, and how safely it can be disposed of. Right now it looks like there’s a winner for the short term and the long term, with current estimates stating that a hybrid car needs to cover well over 100,000 miles to offset the carbon emissions from its production – and only then will the environment start to benefit. But in time we can expect this number to come down, and as energy sources become greener it’s inevitable that electric cars will eventually come out top. The only question is how long will it take?

We interviewed Andrew Faulding about the commercial adoption of electric vehicles. Andrew is a representative of vanleasing.com – a company that specialises in the leasing of cars and vans to business customers across the UK:
We have seen a significant growth in demand for so-called green cars in recent years but our evidence shows us that this growth is down to customers’ price-sensitivity rather than a real increased demand for products that are kind to the environment.

More than ever consumers are motivated by price. When buying or leasing a new vehicle they want to know that they are paying the absolute minimum, not just in terms of the price of the vehicle but also when it comes to running costs.
Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle means you may not have to pay road tax, but even with fantastic fuel consumption this isn’t the full picture. As it stands at the moment there’s a lot of work still to do until we have a mass-produced vehicle that can be classed as a truly green piece of technology.

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Choosing Eco-Friendly Companies Offering Power Washing Services

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When it comes to the use of power washers, there is no doubt that the results are really guaranteed. As long as the right steps are followed, the results will be great. Power washers have the ability to clean even the most difficult parts of your house to clean. They can also ensure that dirt, mildew, mold and dust will be totally blown away. Since it is a power washer, you can expect half the effort in cleaning parts of your home or certain equipment.

If you are not keen in cleaning by yourself, you can also hire someone to do it in your behalf. There are a lot of companies that offer power washing services. They will bring the power washer with them and clean the entire place on their own. You just have to pay them once their service is over. This is really good in a sense that you don’t have to buy an actual power washer. You will also get help in doing the task. Most of all, there are companies out there that offer eco-friendly power washing services.

Latest Technology in Power Washing

When you see how power washers work, you might think that it is a total waste of clean water. However, these days, more modern power washers have been developed. They still provide the same level of pressure, but the amount of water being spewed out is less. Therefore, it really helps a lot in saving water. They were also designed to use up very minimal amount of energy. Thus, even if you buy one, you will still not worry about your total electric bill expenses for the month.

Using Green Detergent

Aside from using modern equipment for power washing, these companies also use green detergents. They are advantageous in a sense that when they mix with water, they become biodegradable materials. As a result, they don’t leave chemical residues behind. This is really good the chemical substances that are left off may damage the environment. These detergents may be applied directly to the surface of any equipment or area in your home for cleaning. They may also be mixed with water first before application. When it comes to the effectiveness of these detergents, there is also no doubt about it. They can provide the same results just like any other detergents or even better.

Getting the Right Help

There are a lot of companies that offer eco-friendly services. However, to be certain, you can check out electric pressure washer reviews here. This will you an idea on what company really offers environment-friendly services. The reviews coming from those who have tried the product out will tell you if the qualities of eco-friendly power washers are really true or not. For power washer reviews of the most effective brands go here. Hopefully, you can find the right company to help you out in this endeavor. If not, you can jus go ahead and shop for the best power washers online.

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Converting to Solar Air Conditioning

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I’ve been trying to make my home more eco friendly for years now. I am constantly amazed at the new environmentally friendly technologies that are being developed and wish that I could encourage more people to incorporate them into their home. I have just recently converted my house to solar air conditioning, and this technology is truly impressive. Before converting I would never use our air conditioning system because I considered it a waste of energy (even when it was really hot), but now I can turn my air conditioner on an enjoy the cool air without worrying about the cost to the environment. The following is a brief rundown of converting to solar air conditioning and why I think that everyone should consider the option for their homes and businesses.

Solar Air Conditioning Options

Solar air conditioning makes perfect sense when you think about it. After all, the hottest parts of the day coincide with the sun beating down on our homes. Air conditioners are great at cooling, but use so much energy. They actually account for most of the extra energy usage on a hot day. This means that using the sun to cool your home is a great way to save money and help the environment at the same time. Australia leads these systems and you can find out more about solar air conditioning at this website. There are two main solar sir conditioning options: split system and whole home systems.

Split systems

A split system is made up of an air distribution unit (inside unit) and a compressor (outside unit). A split system is very effective at cooling a single room and even larger areas. A solar split system uses a special solar panel to help superheat the gasses used in the air compression system. This means that less energy is used to run the compressor and can actually save up to 90% in energy usage compared to a traditional split system!

Whole house system

These units are large enough to cool a whole house and are sometimes known as swamp coolers or ducted air conditioners because each room has a duct where cool air is pumped. The solar version of a ducted unit used cool water and solar powered fans to cool the air and pump it into the house, while removing hot air from the roof cavity. These are very efficient and are a great way to cool a home or business and you can find out more about this type of cooling system here. The main downside of this system is that they do not work well in humid climates. Some of these systems can also be reversed to heat your home on a cool day.


A solar split system is no more difficult to install than a standard model, although the initial cost is a little higher. A ducted solar system can be quite expensive because it is relatively new technology, but most air conditioning experts will be able to install it for a comparable cost. You should always have your air conditioner installed by a professional and ensure that it is wired up by a qualified electrician. You can take the option to do-it-yourself, but it is still a good idea to have a professional check your work before switching the unit on.

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Things You Need to Know About Vintage Clothing

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Vintage clothing refers to clothes that were originally created between 1920’s and 20 years before the present time. Since it’s 2014, clothing from 1920’s to 1994 are considered vintage. These are older pieces so it may be a little difficult to find those that were never worn or are old stock, which are also pricier. Most of these vintage clothes are second hand, though you would find items that are still in mint condition.

Determine Your Measurement

Like when buying any type of clothes, it’s important to get an accurate measurement of your body to make sure that what you purchase would properly and comfortably fit. However, the challenge is that the sizes of vintage clothing are different from the sizes that we have today. They are usually smaller so their medium size may not be the same as the medium sizes of clothes that we have now. This could be an issue if buying online, but if you’re in a local store, you can always try them before making a purchase.

Spotting If It’s Vintage or Not

If you’re just starting to develop an interest in vintage clothing, it may be difficult at first to spot the difference between authentic vintage clothes and vintage inspired or retro clothing. If it has a label showing its content label, as well as how it needs to be washed, it’s not vintage. Invisible zippers are also signs of new clothing.

If the country of origin that is shown on the label is Hong Kong, France or Italy, there is a big chance that it’s an original vintage. Others things that would tell if it’s vintage are blue texts on union labels instead of red and blue, bias hem tape, pinked seams, side snap closures and metal zippers.

Things to Check Out

Original vintage clothes are several years old. Because of this reason, there might be some imperfections, which you need to be aware of in order to make an informed decision. Some of the problems are just very minor that they actually add to the charm and the history of the pieces.  However, if they are major issues, it may not be worth purchasing them if you can’t wear them.  Watch out for holes, since these are very common with old clothes. This is also true with stains and discolorations. Odor may also be a concern, though this can be resolved by washing the clothes.

Where to Buy

Vintage shops can be found everywhere, including flea markets, and even on malls. Since thrift shops carry pre-loved items, it’s not impossible that you may find an original piece from the era that you like. As mentioned, these items can also be found online. Search for a reputable online store that specializes in vintage clothes. Read reviews to see what other vintage enthusiasts have to say. Trusted sites would be honest to tell the real condition of the items.

If you love the styles of these clothes, you may also consider vintage inspired clothing. They are easier to find since they are mass produced. If you’re into designing and dress making, you can even make your own vintage inspired pieces. Find the best sewing machine for beginners that is easy to use and have the features that meet your needs. Embroidery is also a common detail on vintage clothes. While you can do this by hand, the best embroidery machine uses advanced technology to make the process simpler, faster and more convenient.

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Rocking the Hippie Look by Nailing the Clothes and Hair

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Hippies, as a cultural phenomenon is an under-rated aspect of modern life. A lot of hippies during the 1960s and early 1970s have become icons for the younger generation. A whole demographics who were not yet born at the height of flower power don’t know that the things they wear, the music they listen to, and the way they communicate are a direct result of the hippie culture.

Among all the influences, hippie clothing has had a lasting impact on fashion. Fashion trends come and go, but in this ebb and flow of fashion, some hippie-influenced item come up, and then replaced by a totally different hippie-fashion item. Boots and wrap-around skirts, for instance, keep coming back into fashion at seemingly odd times. Loud flower prints on single tunic sheaths come into fashion on a regular basis. Even big name designers draw inspiration from the hippie culture. Here’s how you can really imbibe the hippie look.

Going for the Vintage Look

The whole re-use and recycle thing got a big push from the hippie revolution. To get into, try flea markets and bazaars to get your inspiration. Old clothes, including denim jeans, long-sleeved shirt with loose cuffs, Nehru jackets, and the ubiquitous mini-skirt in all shapes, colors and sizes go a long way in creating a personal statement. Choose either flowery prints, or geometric designs like zigzags and squares. Or you can go Andy Warhol, if you get lucky to find a t-shirt with a Campbell Soup can design. Alternatively, you can add your own accoutrements to your clothes. Beads, sequins, fringes are additional touches to old clothes.

Tie-dye tops and long, loose dresses will always be considered as part of hippie culture and so are vests and corduroy pants for the men. You can update these looks by adding floral or abstract prints and donning the right hairstyle. Get long and curly locks easily with the best curling iron. If for example, you are going to a party in the evening, start setting your hair in the morning and just use the best curling wand to style it later.

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